Wine Tasting Class

Do you have a love of wine and would like to learn more about which wine is more suited to certain dishes when ordering?

We have the perfect course for you!

NEXT CLASS: Saturday, 19th October 2019 (from 12pm to 2.30pm) 

This short introductory course will give you the start you need to learn how to match your wine with your favourite food. It will give you the skills to Impress your family, friends or work colleagues with your new found knowledge. Your new found knowledge will enhance the dining experience and enjoy wine even more.

What will you do in your  Wine tasting Class

On each of our Wine Tasting Courses you will learn how to taste wine like a professional and discover what all the swirling, sniffing and spitting (optional!) is about.

By the end of your Wine Tasting Experience you will leave with  greater knowledge of Wine, increased confidence, and most importantly a smile on your face!

  • Taste Six Different Style Wines with Five Food Sensation eats
  • Water and Biscuits will be provided throughout to clean the palate
  • Light Refreshments will be available
  • Minimum age 18


You will learn how to taste wine like a professional, using your 5 senses to help you discover the story the wine maker is trying to tell while learning how the wine will interact with food. You will learn how to tell the difference in wine styles.


  • Chilli hummus served with multispeed homemade crackers
  • Smoked salmon, cucumber and crème fraiche with lemon wedges on blinis
  • Tomato and salami bruschetta with parmesan cheese shavings
  • Mini Halloumi sliders
  • Deep fried Halloumi fries
  • Macaroons or Chocolate Cake filled with butter cream


You will taste six different styles of wine and discover which grape varieties are more appealing to you.

There will be a short talk about how to match food and wine and the explanation of the food sensations: Umami, Sweet, Salty, Sour and Chilli and then a guided food and wine matching tasting, sampling the food prepared by one of our chefs.


Please, when you book the course,  inform us of any allergies or dietary requirements you may have. We regret we cannot guarantee a nut free food selection.


DURATION: Fom 12pm to 2pm

VENUE: Maresfield Gardens NW3 RY

AGE: Minimum age 18

The experience content, equipment used and restrictions may vary


On arrival you will be met by your wine tutor and before the class starts you will be given a short introduction to the 6 wines you will taste.

Wine tasting is a great way of meeting wonderful new people. Though everyone has their own reasons to be there, you're all connected by your passion (or growing interest) for wine, which makes it a perfect opportunity to get in touch with all sorts of wine lovers.”

  • We offer an excellent standard of tuition
  • Our experts are very professional and have a contemporary and up to date knowledge of world wine trends
  • Personal attention because you matter to us
  • Our courses are great value for money
  • Our sample wines and course content are very carefully selected to aid the learning experience and explain the basics about learning how to taste like a professional

about us

At Cookery Classes Hampstead, we offer exciting Premier Wine Tasting Courses, Masterclasses and Wine Qualifications. As a Cookery and Wine School based in London, we look forward to welcoming you on one of our wine tasting courses or Cookery Courses very soon.  We are here to help if you have any questions or need assistance choosing the right course for you.

What Others Say


What a great way, our wine teacher was incredibly knowledgeable and her enthusiasm was catching. We picked up lots of hints and tips throughout the day, tasted fantastic wines, all in a very relaxed and unpretentious environment. I

Anna Olson


The whole workshop was entertaining, fun and educational - all down to Kristen.
She was very knowledgeable but very down to earth, inclusive and fun, getting everybody involved.

Emma Stewart 


I cannot recommend it enough, already looking ahead to another day with more friends joining in.

Julie Moore

Kristen Henderson
Kristen Henderson

Kristen really enjoys talking to people about wine and spirits and are always willing to discuss any tasting projects or events. Kristen is the Head of Learning & Development in Lakefield Hospitality College specialised in Wines Kristen has been awarded as the Best Hospitality Lecturer in Pace Award and Received the President Award by her Royal Highness Princess Ann. 

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