Italian Cookery Course Online

Join to learn to cook wonderful authentic Italian food  with Omero Galluci, Master Chef, who represented Great Britain 5 times at the Frankfurt Culinary Olympics. Holder of over 400 Gold, Silver, Bronze Medals & Trophies.

This course Is for you if:

  • You are new to Italian cooking or you want to learn more!

  • You think that real Italian cooking is complicated, but you’d love to learn

  • You’ve tried to learn to cook Italian food but you’ve never got past the basics 

  • You haven’t got time to attend a regular class

  • You want to be able to cook Italian Dishes in a casual setting and in a professional chef environment 

  • You want to surprise your family and friends with your Italian Culinary Skills.

  • You love pasta and typical Italian ingredients but are nervous about preparing them at home.

why to choose this Course

  • As well as learning about Italian, learning the history behing and enjoying with our fantastic lessons, our classes are a great way to improve your general cooking skills.
  •  12 Lessons full of content and tips, wich you can consult again and again when preparing your delicious Italian Dishes.
  •  Omero Master Classes are valued at £110 each, you will 12 classes for have price each!
  • If you haven’t cooked this sort of thing before, so much the better; Omero will give you, step by step all the guidance you need.
  • You will get Lakefield College Certificate at the end.

One Master Class with Omero Galluci will cost you £110. Imagine to have more than 10 Master Classes in once wich you can check again and again with no limit of time and just for half price!

What will you learn in this course

Everyone loves Italian cuisine, but do you know how to cook it? Italian food offers some great fresh flavours and loads of variety, but most of us are guilty of getting takeaway pizza and using pasta sauce from a jar. While there is nothing wrong with this, it is far more enjoyable and personally satisfying to have a go at it yourself. If you fancy getting a group of friends together for some homemade Italian food and fine wine, this course is definetly for you!.


Module 1- Appetizers


Prosciutto Wrapped Shrimp with Salsa Verde Dipping Sauce – Pizzettes with Burrata and Sweet Pepper Confit – Warm Baked Olives with Orange and Fennel – Crostini with Homemade Fig Jam and Gorgonzola

Module 2- Main Courses

Perfect Pasta

Throughout this pasta making class, you’ll learn the techniques needed to produce beautiful fresh pastas including Ravioli and Cannelloni. Perfect for pasta lovers, this class will give you the confidence you need to make your favourite pasta dishes at home, from scratch.

Module 3-

Italian Desserts 1

Learn how to prepare a delicious dessert that looks just like the Cupola del Duomo of Florence! Pasta Frolla, Pan di Spagna, Cantuccini, Torta Caprese, Torta di Mele, Torta della Nonna, Meringa, Babà, Pastiera, Foresta Nera, Cassata, Cannoli…a sweet trip to Italy!

Module 4-
Bella Italia

Cooking Techniques

Achieving an authentic pizza or pasta at home might seem difficult but it can be done without the right tools and with just a few ingredients. Follow Omero Galluci method and surprise your family and friends!

One-Pot Soup Meals

Omero guides you through developing flavor with classic aromatics to make a heavenly brodo di carne, and shows you how to transform this classic meat broth into irresistible chicken noodle soup or decadent egg and parmesan stracciatella. e.

Pasta Sauces and Toppings

In this sauce cooking class you will master an area of cooking that is often considered tricky. You will learn that with just a few simple ingredients you can make a variety of classic savoury and sweet sauces that can be used as they are or as the starting point for plenty of exciting dishes.

Italian Desserts 2

In this class with Italian Chef Omero, will teach you ins and outs of making three of Italy’s most beloved sweet recipes. You will learn how to make rich tiramisu layered with chocolate and espresso, panna cotta and crema al cioccolato. 

Favorite Beverages

Aperitivo time, typically between 7pm and 9pm, serves three important digestive purposes. Learn how to prepare the famouse refreshing Italian Cocktails Vermouth from Turin, Campari from Novara, Negroni from Florence and the delicious Prosecco from the Veneto.

Italian-Style Salads

During the ferragosto, the hottest month of the year, Italian are look forward to their cuisine’s rich array of  salads. Italian pasta salad for example has a distinctly Mediterranean flavor, is fresh-tasting, and easy to make.

Meat, fish Italian Style

There is a great variety of fish, including crabs, scallops, and squids – cooked in different consistencies. Among vegetables there are some special products, such as Trevisano radicchio and peas. Italian cuisine is filled with delicious meat courses: stews, ragouts, steaks, raw meat carpaccio and tartar. Chef Omero will show you how to prepare it!

Italian Desserts 3

Italian desserts are full of grand tradition, and they’re universally delicious, combining just the right balance of bitter and sweet, tender and crispy. Join us chef Omero to learn how to make cannoli dough from scratch, roll and cook it to crisp perfection and complete with a luscious filling.  Prepare to have a deliciously good Italian time. Alla Salute!

Italian Wines

The top of the Spanish wine quality pyramid is Denominación de Origen Calificada. Learn about the best wines and the best pairing with Spanish Food

About Omero Galluci

Omero Galluci has been the Executive Chef and Development Chef for companies as Compass Group, Merriot Hotel, Restaurant Associates. Chef Consultant for companies as Nestle Food Services.

Omero have been extensively involved with competition work and particularly with the British Team of Chef. He has represented Great Britain five times as the captain at the Frankfurt Culinary Olympics. Holder of over 400 Gold, Silver, Bronze Medal & Trophies.

Omero Galluci appart from his outstanding career has

 particular interest in training and stimulating interest for cooking between the young, developing also competitions and courses for young people

Let me share with you my methods and tips that I have learned about Italian Food all over this years.

Italian Cookery Online Course

Single Payment

  • Lessons More than 10 lessons full of content
  • Method Step by Step
  • Price Each master class would cost £110 separatly

Ready to learn how to cook Italian Dishes it once and for all?

Join the most complete Italian Cookery Online Course  and get:

 More than 30 tutorials in video step by step
√ Real demonstration with tools and tips.
Bonus #1: Italian Wine pairing Extra Lesson.
Bonus #2: Private Group in Facebook.
Bonus #3: Access to the updates of the course, always

Real Valor: £1100

You pay only: £459

Access to the course for just £450


How can I pay?

You can pay through PayPal or your credit card. You will receive an email with your information to access to the Course.

When does the course starts?

Whenever you want! Our methodology is based in you can start the course when you have time or you want. You do the course with your own rithm

How long the course is?

Between 10 and 11 hours, you can see all the videos of the course and do different quizzes.

Will I get any certificate?

Yes, you will have your Lakefield College Certificate after you finish all the lessons and do the exercices.


Who Can I write to if I have any doubt?

You can ask any question through the exclusive Facebook Group, you will have all the support of the team and the communitie fo #Spanishfoodlovers

Can I download the videos of the course?

No, it is not possible due the author copyright. But you cand always watch them through any device with Internet conection.

Can I access thorugh different devices?

Yes, but be aware that the licence of the course is personal and you cannot share it with other uses. If the system detects that the same accounts has been share with different users, can proceed to block the user.


Access to the course for just £450

Italian Cookery Course

Single Payment

  • Lessons More than 10 lessons full of content
  • Method Step byStep Method
  • Price Each master class would cost £110 separatly

Ready to learn how to cook Italian Dishes it once and for all?​

Join the most complete Italian Cookery Course Online and get:

 More than 30 tutorials in video step by step.
√ Real demonstration with tools and tips.
Bonus #1: Italian Wine pairing Extra Lesson.
Bonus #2: Private Group in Facebook.
Bonus #3: Access to the updates of the course, always.

Real Value: £1100

You pay only: £459